Izdavanje - Stari grad - Dorćol, K District

Linije gradskog prevoza: 10 11 5

3.000 €

Tip nekretnine: Stan ID: 99364 Površina: 122m² Broj soba: 4.0 Grejanje: Centralno Sprat: II / VI Datum ažuriranja: 05/07/2023
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Dodatni opis:
Mokri čvor, klima, internet, novogradnja, garaža, nova fasada, mermerni ulaz, namešten, plaćanje mesečno, depozit, stambena zgrada. Impeccably equipped with premium-class appliances that cater to your every need, this remarkable residence sets itself apart from the competition with its uncompromising quality and exquisite design! The soft furniture, expertly designed by renowned Italian brands, exudes sophistication and comfort. Placed on the 2nd floor with windows facing the river, this three-bedroom flat offers many ways to fully enjoy your life in the city, while maintaining balance and having a healthy lifestyle-supply ventilation system with three stages of air purification is installed in the children's room for crystal clear mountain air. Each room is equipped with advanced Nepa filters, ensuring the air you breathe is pristine. The apartment also has a big comfortable terrace, a spacious living room, three bathrooms and 2 parking places included in the price. A loyal policy towards cats and small dogs is in place, tenants are required to cover any damages caused by their pets and provide a separate insurance deposit. Possible price reduction for 2+ years contract.

Linije gradskog prevoza: 10 11 5

Jovana Vuković

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